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Premier Transaction Coordinators (PTC) specialize in overseeing and processing the broker real estate file. We can ease the agent and broker by gathering, coordinating, and following up on all administrative tasks, logistics, and contractual item services. PTC is a full-service agency with a reputation for providing quality and superior service. Our mission is to provide our absolute best customer service experience through the entire transaction process.


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Trina Thames, Founder and CEO

For the past 25 years, Trina Thames has worked as an administrative executive coordinator. Her most recent role was as an administrative specialist in the finance industry, supporting teams and leadership in achieving their goal of empowering minority small businesses in underserved communities.


Earlier this year, Trina leveraged her project and operational systems management skills to pivot into real estate as a transaction coordinator. In this role, she uses her analytical skills to improve the listing and transaction process for real estate professionals, reducing closing delays. Her proficiency is evident in her ability to resolve complex problems with decisive action, even when prioritizing multiple projects.


Trina is a DeVry University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in project management. She aims to build valuable, long-lasting partnerships and earn her clients’ trust by becoming an intricate part of their real estate transaction process. From contract to close, Trina ensures a meticulous, systematic quality control approach that her clients will appreciate and want to receive over and over again.

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Premier Transaction Coordinators’ (PTC) mission is to provide a professional, well-organized, unforgettable TC experience. What distinguishes us is the level of our client’s satisfaction. We provide a transaction service that is compliant, seamless, and efficient. Our clients love that they can focus on closing more deals and leave the rest to us.


Our vision is to establish (PTC) as an invaluable leader in the real estate market. To lead with honesty and fairness in all our dealings. To be steadfast and resourceful, all while continuing to expand our knowledge and our will to excel in every aspect of our business.


Our commitment to the community through service and paying it forward is what gives us purpose.  Some of the ways we give back are by volunteering our time and resources to our unhoused population. We also offer a new agent discount and a 6-month mentorship (intern) program. We are guided under the Angel #155. One symbolizes unity and God's supremacy and love for us all. Five is for His mercy and grace; we’ve been blessed with a double dose of God's grace! 


(PTC’s) culture and core values are based on the premise of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We value our employees and believe that diversity offers uniqueness and strength and raises our consciousness by allowing us to build our organization from the perspective of culturally diverse techniques and methods.

Equity sanctions all employees to have equal access to opportunities and resources. Eliminating all forms of discrimination and recognizing and acknowledging an individual’s human rights and differences makes everyone feel socially and culturally accepted and welcomed.

Inclusion provides purpose and opportunity for everyone to contribute and benefit from the company’s success. We believe that for an employee to be fully engaged, they must feel valued, respected, appreciated, and recognized for their efforts. We understand that our employees are the backbone of our organization and that we must all work together to achieve greatness.

We are committed to operating in full transparency, with the highest ethical standards, integrity, and professionalism. Being led by compassion and consideration for the well-being of our employees esures a fun, safe, and healthy work environment for all.

Let’s Start Working Together!

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